For resale:

Do you want to cooperate with us? Here you find the information you need to know what we can offer you.

We are a producer and distributor of lighting from the Polish seaside. Our brands are: Kolorowe Kable, UMMO, Kolorowe Kable Akcesoria, Girlanda Świetlna and Bulbo.

What do we offer?

- Very attractive discounts - because we know that the price is also important.

- Free samples of our brands: Kolorowe Kable and UMMO - because we don't sell a pig in a poke.

- Electronic catalogs of Kolorowe Kable (CHECK) and UMMO (CHECKor their paper versions (send us a message) - because we want to make ordering easier.

- Technical support and professional advice when choosing products - because we understand how important specialized help is.

- A base of 3D models of Kolorowe Kable (CHECK) and UMMO (CHECK) - because we know the needs of architects and designers.

A constantly expanding store assortment - because we like to keep our finger on the pulse.

- And much more - because we appreciate individual solutions.

If you want to become our business partner, write to the following e-mail address:

Together we have the power to change the world and light :)


For architects:

How to design a beautifully lit interior without ruining the client's wallet? If you are faced with a similar challenge, we will be happy to help you.

What do we offer?

- Comprehensive lighting for the entire investment - because we have a holistic approach.

- Modification of our brand products - because we are open to changes.

- Lamps on special order - because we focus on uniqueness.

- Renting our products for photo sessions - because we try to meet various needs.

- Product catalogs of other brands available in our store (CHECK) - because we want to make your work easier.

- Base of 3D models with lamps of most of the brands offered in our store (not all brands have such a base)  (CHECK) - because we know the needs of architects and designers.

- An even greater selection of lighting manufacturers than in our online store - because (almost) nothing is impossible for us :)

Are you interested? Call or write to us at and tell what you need - we will be happy to advise you.

If you have a hand-drawn sketch or a visualization of the lamp design that we have to make for you, please include it in the message.


For media:

If you plan to write about our brands or you are looking for an expert in the field of lighting, contact us at We will provide you with all the necessary materials.