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Wall lamps are a great solution wherever you need an additional light source. Perfect for the bathroom as lighting near the mirror or in the living room near your favorite reading chair - especially those with adjustable angle. In the bedroom they will build an intimate and relaxing mood. In small or narrow spaces, such as a corridor or staircase, they can successfully act as the main lighting. Wall lamps with more than one light source will illuminate the space more strongly. Sconces will perfectly complement the interior design, and thanks to the variety of models available on the market, you will certainly find one that will match the color and style of your apartment. Wall lamps are, therefore, not only functional, but also can charm you with their aesthetics.

In the KoloroweKable.pl store we have a wide range of wall lamps from Polish and foreign manufacturers. You can find, among others, spotlights, luminares with a glass shade, wooden wall lights, wall lamps with a lampshade. A metal pipe and wooden beads are the hallmarks of Loft Bala and Loft Sfarer wall lamps. Loft Manzana wall collection is a combination of a plywood handle and a long braided cable crowned with a decorative bulb of your choice. A light bulb is also expose in Loft Ceramic and Loft Metal Wall lamps. On the other hand, we have simple and timeless UMMO wall lamps that emphasize the character of any interior, as well as the classic wall lamps of the Polish brand Kandela, enchanting with elegance and quality of workmanship. Among wall-mounted lighting from Kaspa you can find from delicate luminaires with a glass shade to industrial-style reflectors. Luxury wall luminaires made of finely veneered wood of the German brand Dreizehngrad will interest lovers of high-quality design. Minimalist wall lamps from the Croatian manufacturer, Products Group, will be a remarkable element in a modern living room or office. Concrete fans would love the raw, industrial lighting of the Polish manufacturer Loftlight. Lamps with a simple form is the offer of the Polish brand Young Deco. In its assortment has both geometric and smooth models. The Simple collection with a stylish wooden handle is noteworthy. Attention, lampshades of the Danish brand UMAGE together with appropriate suspensions play the role of very decorative wall lamps. We also have something for the youngest! The Flow Amsterdam brand specializes in lighting for children's rooms. Lamps in the form of cute animals are safe, and in addition portable, so that the light will travel with your child. Or maybe a light with a message? Ledons are domesticated neon inscriptions, but with a led drive :) All you need to do is remove them from the base attached to the wall. How many sconces, so many possibilities :)