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Table and desk lamps are an important element of decor in any interior. A wide range of models available in the store allows you to adjust the lighting to the character of the room and its purpose. After all, table and desk lamps not only have a decorative function, but also are very functional - they simplify, for example, evening reading or office work, and introduce the desired atmosphere in our favorite space.

Minimalist floor lamps designed by UMMO brand will work great in the bedroom. Milk lampshades give a warm and pleasant light, creating an unique atmosphere in the room for relaxation. Chic and elegance will be enhanced by wooden lamps from the German manufacturer Dreizehngrad and monochrome lighting from the Croatian brand - Grupa Products. We recommend Kandela Lighting for the studio, office or study room. This Polish brand constantly surprises us with diversity, offering desk and cabinet lamps in many sizes, colors and styles. The rich assortment of the KASPA brand includes glass table lamps with a lampshade and modern luminaires from the Botanica series in which you can place... plants! It is worth emphasizing that some lampshade fabrics were designed by Italian designer Alessandro Bini! A good choice for a children's room will be lamps with a lampshade on a tripod of the Polish brand Young Deco. A huge palette of patterns and colors means that every little explorer who is looking for light for his kingdom will also find something for himself.