Spider lamps 

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Spider lamps become more and more popular and many time they are playing a major role in the loft interiors. Exposed light bulbs on adjustable wires usually have two to ten points of light. On the ceiling they can be located in a variety of configurations. You can gain an interesting decorative effect and of course a lot of light. Multi lamps, i.e. “spiders” is an exceptional proposition for everyone who likes modern design.

In Colorful Cables store you find various types of spider lamps, both our fittings and lighting from other brands. The classic of the genre are Loft Multi Metal Line and Loft Multi Plastic collection. They’re composition of a light bulb, lampholder and braided cable. We have mount of component colors and it’s also your choose which decorative bulbs match your interior perfectly, giving the space an unique character. Noteworthy are also Loft lamps with wooden beads, such as Loft Bala, Loft Ovoi and Loft Sfarer. If you hang them in a group, they will give even a grander effect.

The store's offer also includes multi lamps with a metal luminaries: the Hats model from the Polish manufacturer KASPA or Arigato from the Croatian brand Grupa Products. If you are looking for more classic forms, check lamps with a glass lampshades from Kaspa and Argon. Love the concrete trend? Excellent! Have a look for Loftlight lighting. Danish brand UMAGE also produce a functional suspensions for lamps - we’ve got them. They allow you to create a spider lamp with a light bulb hidden under the lampshade. Something bright for everyone :)