Illuminated lettering CREATE Ledon lamp Twórczywo

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• illuminated lettering • lamp • color to choose from • width 55cm • height 15cm • equipped with 12V power supply with the appropriate power • the ability to choose the mounting as a sconce + 40 PLN • the ability to attach the switch on the wire + 20 PLN • the possibility of fixing a dimmer + 40 PLN • do not connect directly to 230V mains (socket or cable prepared for sconce lighting)

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 • the lamp will be manufactured for your individual order - there is no possibility of return or exchange

This is the flagship project and the Creative series. Thanks to them, the magic of illuminated subtitles will brighten up the interior, demanding stylish lighting. All Ledons were designed by Twórczywo and performed by them.

Ledony gives a nice warm light that lightly illuminates the room.
They are above all beautiful, but otherwise they are handy, safe, reliable and energy-saving.

Each Ledon store is a custom made product. Performed for your individual order based on selected options - color, dimmer, switch and sconce for an additional fee:

wall lamp + PLN 40
fixing the switch on the cable + PLN 20
fixing a dimmer + PLN 40
Selected options should be given in the commentary to the order, and we will generate a link to add a surcharge to the price.

Ledony are perfect for all kinds of interiors, from the ground floor office to the attic bathroom. They can take on various shapes, colors and styles, while maintaining high precision and high quality. They are light and very easy to mount; all you need is some double-sided tape or screws and after the case. Ledonów are durable, because made of flexible plastic, not glass. Ledony is trouble-free and long-lived; up to 50,000 hours of continuous lighting or over 5 years.

Ledony is powered by a cable with a plug-in power supply. They can also act like a classic wall lamp. They are equipped with a special flush-mounted power supply.

They are cheaper than classic glass neon. And they are made very quickly.

Ledony can also work outdoors, in a waterproof version they will survive the attack of a cold winter and a torrential summer - please let us know and we will prepare a quote.



If you are interested in Ledon made according to your individual idea or design, write to us at Ledon can take almost any shape and shine in any color. It also has many attractive options, thanks to which it will adapt to most needs and conditions.

There are three possibilities:

1. Your password, graphics prepared by Twórczywo - cool because they like to design! All graphical signposts help them.

2. Your logo / lettering / idea already existing - send us a vector file (preferably w .ai / .eps / .pdf) and the artist will do the rest.

3. Your project, but no curves - it's hard, they can do it too.


TECHNOLOGICAL MINIMUM: Thickness (width) of "dashes" can not be less than 15 mm.
In practice, this means that they can not make very small, thin letters or very small items. There are both captions consisting of connected letters, forming one element, such as those in which the letters are separate and the whole is joined by a transparent "back".

POWER SUPPLY: Each Ledon, small and large, is equipped with a 12V power supply with adequate power. The power supply is selected individually, depending on the circumstances.

Never ever connect Ledon directly to 230V mains eg to a socket or a wire prepared for sconce lighting.

Power adaptation:

SIDE VERSION. By default, the power cord is released from the right side edge of the inscription. But we have full freedom here. We can release the cable exactly where it suits you.

KINDLE VERSION. In this variant, the wire goes back (see picture). She let it completely hide the cord in the wall. Model installation looks like this: a wall is prepared in the wall, which is connected to a cable led out of the inscription, on the other end of the conduit there is a revision, in other words a place to connect and hide the power supply.

1. plug-in power supply, plug-in socket, ideal for small writing, dimensions: 7 x 6 x 3cm

2. modular power supply, with different dimensions depending on its power; suitable for internal inscriptions; slim version is easy to hide somewhere in furniture corners or stick to the inscription from the back.

3. a sealed power supply, designed for harsh outdoor or built-in conditions


Where there is electricity there are also wires ... The cables are connected by letters and other "loose" elements of the ledon, and of course the power supply. There are 4 wire colors to choose from: black, gray white and transparent. Choose it to the background color on which the ledon is hanging.


a. for hangers (ear with a hole for which you can hang an inscription on screws, hooks, nails); slings work well where the wall is not smooth or the inscription is very large and heavy.

b. on tape - the tape is perfect if the wall is smooth and the inscription is small.

bells and whistles:

The comfort of use is increased, it is known, goodies mounted on request, eg a remote control with a dimmer, thanks to which you can turn on and off the inscription and also control the intensity of light. We recommend this solution especially for small rooms, for the bedroom or office.

If you have ledon RGB, you can change not only the brightness, but above all the color of the entire string!


Data sheet

Light source included Yes
Type of light source LED
Input voltage 12V
Height 15cm
Width 55cm
Color to choose
Cable color to choose
Warranty 24 months
Delivery time max. 10 working days
Comments custom-made product

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Illuminated lettering CREATE Ledon lamp Twórczywo

Illuminated lettering CREATE Ledon lamp Twórczywo

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