STEP 1 – Choice of products

- Browse the list of categories or use our browsing engine to find products you need,
- Each product page incorporates detailed item description,
- After finding the right product, add it to the cart,
- If all the desired products have been added to the cart, proceed to the cart content section by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the website.


STEP 2 – Content of the cart

- By checking the content of the cart, you can see what products in what quantities have been added,
- Change the value of the "quantity" field to adjust the order to your needs,
- By clicking the trashcan icon, you can delete a product from the cart,
- If you have a rebate-related code, type it in the "Voucher code" field and click OK,


STEP 3 – Order placement

- If you have an account, simply log in,
- If you are a new client, you can register your account or make a purchase without registering, 
- Provide your name , surname, and contact data. Click “Save” afterwards
- During the next step, select a desired shipment option,
- Any additional pieces of information should be provided in the „Leave a message” field,
- After familiarizing yourself with our Terms and Conditions, click the right field, 
- Select a desired payment form,
- You will be taken to the order summary page,
- At this point, you can change the chosen payment form. To do so, click the „Other payment methods” option, 
- If everything is all right, click the „Accept the order” option.

We hope that you will be satisfied with the purchase made.