Top 5 Polish lighting brands

Top 5 Polish lighting brands

Hot lighting for hot summer. This time, we present you 5 hot Polish lighting brands. Design and high quality, which they have been proposing for years, delight enthusiasts of good design in Poland and around the world. We invite you to a short review of manufacturers whose fittings increase the temperature of any interior. Let's start!



1. UMMO 


We hope we don't need to introduce this brand to anyone. At last year's Warsaw Home fair, UMMO lamps made a real sensation. Minimalist luminaires based on geometric forms have been loved by both architects and private customers. The trademark of the brand is certainly the milky-white lampshades that emit delicate, diffused light. The designs echo Scandinavian and Japanese design. Thanks to the wide selection of models - hanging, ceiling, table or wall lamps - it is extremely easy to arrange the entire apartment coherently through UMMO lighting. Universal color variants of the luminaires, i.e. white, black, burgundy and brass, make them suitable for interiors decorated in various styles. They fit best into minimalist, bauhaus, japandi, wabi-sabi and luxury interiors. So far, 23 UMMO collections have been created, i.e. a total of several dozen lamp models. You can read more about the history of the UMMO brand here.







Another Polish brand that you should already know is KASPA. This Warsaw brand specializes in modern and elegant lighting for the entire home. Since 2015, it has been enchanting with its sophisticated lamp collections, in which contemporary design is intertwined with the best traditions of European design. The brand's lighting is inspired by nature, art deco and loft style. Among the dozens of KASPA collections we can find, among others elegant chandeliers, functional spotlights, amorphous glass shades, table lamps with a lampshade or pot lamps. Among such a rich and varied assortment, everyone will find something for themselves. The brand cares about the smallest detail of its products, thanks to which communing with KASPA lighting is a real pleasure for the senses. We wrote more about the brand here.








Ledony zawładnęły Polską, o czym pisaliśmy jakiś czas temuWspółczesna wersja neonów, w której specjalizuje się marka Twórczywo, to w ostatnich latach absolutny hit. Zobaczycie je w restauracjach, biurach, salonach fryzjerskich, no i oczywiście w domach. Ledony producenta skupiają się wokół popularnych powiedzonek przeniesionych na atrakcyjną typografię. Wśród popularnych modeli znajdziemy takie świetlne napisy, jak "Chyba śnisz", "Let’s stay in bed" czy "Sztos".  Ledon to doskonała dekoracja, która doda pazura pomieszczeniu. Za pomocą pilota możemy zmienić kolor emitowany przez oświetlenie lub wybrać jeden z kilku trybów pulsacyjnych. Producent proponuje kilkanaście gotowych wzorów dostępnych od ręki. Ponadto brand projektuje na zamówienie personalizowane ledony. Możecie więc dać ponieść się wyobraźni, a Twórczywo przetworzy Wasz pomysł na język światła.   

Ledons took over Poland, which we wrote about some time ago. The modern version of neon lights, in which the Twórczywo brand specializes, has been an absolute hit in recent years. You will see them in restaurants, offices, hairdressing salons, and of course at home. The manufacturer's ledons focus on popular sayings transferred to attractive typography. Among the popular models we can find such luminous inscriptions as "Chyba Śnisz", "Let's stay in bed" or "Sztos". Ledon is a perfect decoration that will add a twist to a room. Using the remote control, we can change the color emitted by the lighting or choose one of several pulse modes. The manufacturer offers over a dozen ready-made designs available immediately. In addition, the brand designs personalized LEDs on request. So you can get carried away by your imagination, and the Twórczywo will transform your idea into the language of light.








LoftLight is a brand that has been transforming Polish apartments into small lofts for several years. Initially, the manufacturer specialized in typical industrial hand-made luminaries made of concrete or raw metal. However, the brand has evolved over time. The projects are mature and have shaped the recognizable style of the brand. Currently, LoftLight lighting has acquired a subtle elegance. The latest collections include lamps in an economical and original form. The colors, in which the LoftLight is now rotating, refer to pantone trends. This is probably a sufficient recommendation why it is worth following the brand's activities.








For 30 years, the Kandela brand lighting has been present in the interiors of Polish homes. The manufacturer focuses on well-known and liked lighting solutions that will always be in fashion, as well as the jeans + white t-shirt set. Among the many collections, we can find both typically modern models as well as more classic ones. Lamps on a tripod with a lampshade, geometric plafonds or spectacular hanging lamps are just a sample of the brand's range. The lighting proposed by Kandel will be perfect for those who value timeless design and precise workmanship.





Of course, these are not the only Polish lighting brands that are worth watching. Is your favorite one in our TOP 5 ranking?


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