TOP 5 European lighting brands

TOP 5 European lighting brands

What do Italy and Croatia have in common with Denmark and Sweden? Beautiful lighting, of course! Recently, we have presented our subjective selection of the most interesting Polish brands. Now we invite you to a review of foreign lamp manufacturers that are worth knowing and remembering. Fasten your seat belts and we follow the trail of breathtaking lighting :)



First stop - inspiring Italy. Let's look at the Creative-Cables brand, which is famous for offering non-standard solutions for interior and exterior spaces, such as a patio, terrace or garden. Among them, the Filé system, designed to create original decorations on the wall or ceiling. Its important elements are flat and flexible cables, which give creativity a huge scope. It is thanks to them that we will achieve the wow effect! Another example we love about Creative-Cables is the Flex system. A flexible braided wire allows us to direct the light in points, and at the same time create interesting forms and weaves that will please the eye. Another innovative proposal are Magnetico® luminaries. This system, thanks to a magnet, allows you to anchor the lamp on any metal surface and enjoy the light where you currently need it. The Syntax® series, on the other hand, has a unique S14d socket, which allows you to bring out the full potential of tubular bulbs. It works especially well with spot lighting of images or photos. Finally, the crème de la crème of the Italian manufacturer, i.e. the EIVA outdoor lighting system. It is the first self-assembly system with an IP rating of 65. This means it is completely waterproof and weatherproof.





Grupa Product

Next stop - sunny Croatia. Here we want to draw your attention to the Grupa Product brand. This Zagreb brand founded in 2012 specializes in minimalist and exclusive lighting. The world-class design and perfect performance of the luminaires brought the brand to a wide group of enthusiasts not only in Europe. The Group's lamps are primarily a sophisticated play with colors and unique forms. The projects echo the echoes of the Bauhaus, but in a non-intrusive way. Collections of the Croatian brand, such as Ili_IliArigato or Baluna, are a proposal for demanding customers, sensitive to every detail.






We're changing direction. Time for Denmark and the UMAGE brand (formerly VITA Copenhagen). The manufacturer has been delighting with extraordinary lighting and accessories for interior design for 14 years. Everything in line with the brand's mission: the best design at an affordable price. UMAGE luminaires are the essence of Scandinavian simplicity and functionality. A perfect example of this are, for example, portable LED lamps from the Asteria series. In addition, the brand takes care to reduce CO2 emissions during production and transport. This is one of the reasons why UMAGE lamps are assembled by yourself, just like IKEA furniture. The collections of the Danish brand, such as Eos, Silvia, already have cult status among fans of modern design.




We are moving to Sweden, where the Markslöjd brand is waiting for us. Universal design, drawing on modernist traditions, is the trademark of this brand. Its success was due to, inter alia, careful selection of materials and execution of luminaires. The brand offers stylish interior lighting and garden lamps. In the Markslöjd assortment you will find simple hanging lamps, decorated overhangs, or a real hit - lamps with space for flowers. In winter, we will bring a truly festive atmosphere to your home with the brand's light decorations. Among the designs of the Swedish brand, we can find lamps inspired by the boho and glamor styles, as well as those referring to modernist traditions. Pay attention to such collections as Brooklyn, BuddySober or Tray, and you will understand why the Markslöjd brand was on our route.





Star Trading


We stay in Sweden, where the last producer we visit, Star Trading, is based. The brand has been operating for 37 years and is constantly developing. She became famous, among others with spectacular Christmas decorations that create a cozy, home-like atmosphere in the blink of an eye. Currently, it charms customers with unique LED lamps. From stylized as filaments, through top coted bulbs, to openwork light sources. Let's not forget the very practical dimmable light bulbs. Thanks to this option, you will provide the room with only as much light as you need at a given moment. This solution will also like your wallet. The brand regularly collaborates with popular designers, incl. Charlotte Flack. With Star Trading bulbs and LED decorations, you can illuminate every apartment at a low cost and with little effort.




To już koniec naszej podróży po najciekawszych producentach oświetlenia z Europy. Mamy nadzieję, że wróciliście z niej ze świeżą porcją inspiracji!


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