7 trends in interior design in 2023

7 trends in interior design in 2023

We end 2022 with a dose of fresh inspiration for the next season. What interior design trends will 2023 bring? Which lamps will fit into the most fashionable styles? Read our text and you will learn 7 trends that will reign in the arrangements in the coming year.



1. Organic ovals


In 2023, oval and organic forms will be on top, evoking associations with nature. The gentle lines of furniture and equipment can be clearly seen on the example of rounded sofas or spherical lampshades of light fixtures. Arches and amorphous curves are welcome. You can easily adapt this trend to your interior with accessories such as mirrors, carpets, vases or decorative lamps. In the case of lighting that fits into this trend, such luminaire models as ISUULLA i OIO by UMMO or CLOE and LAMIA by KASPA will work.




2. Multifunctionality


In the coming year, multifunctionality will be in the price. The trend applies to both rooms that should fulfill several functions, as well as equipment. In the case of rooms, you can optimize space by combining a bedroom with an office or a guest room with a place to exercise or work. When arranging the interior, choose functional solutions that save space and time. Practical, especially in small apartments, will be tables or sofas with the option of storage, folding tops or table lamps that allow you to charge your smartphone.



3. Wellness


Wellbeing and wellness, i.e. taking care of yourself and your well-being, is gaining popularity in times of crisis. In 2023, the perfect home is the one with a mini spa, where we will find harmony and relief for shattered nerves. Elements conducive to relaxation are most often invited to the bathroom and bedroom. However, nothing stands in the way of the office becoming a place for yoga or meditation at the same time. Even such small accessories as scented candles and diffusers will help you calm down. Also remember about the lighting, which will create the right atmosphere. Dimmable lamps or light bulbs are a good idea. When it comes to the design style, take inspiration from the Hawaiian and Italian resorts from the TV series White Lotus.



4. Ecological solutions


Ecology has been a leading trend for several seasons now and nothing suggests that it will change in 2023. Natural materials and recycled plastics are still on top. Wood, rattan, bamboo, wicker, porcelain and wool are still popular. Natural textures and exposed wood grains enhance the organic nature of the materials. Similarly, the colors used in the interiors in this style draw from the surrounding nature. In the case of lighting, in addition to wooden or concrete luminaires, also take care of environmentally friendly details, such as retro ceramic fixtures. Also look for vintage, upcycled or second-class items. In addition to design, ecological houses must have solutions that facilitate a lifestyle in the spirit of less waste, i.e. aerators, segregation baskets and energy-saving LED bulbs.




5. Urban jungle


Urban jungle is another trend that has stayed with us for longer. Potted plants and more potted plants are the backbone of the home jungle. If you want to create your green corner, make the most of the space for pots. Lamps with a place for a cover will help in this. This patent allows not only to save space, but also to illuminate the seedling and expose it with light. The advantage of the urban jungle, in addition to decorative values, is the improvement of air quality and stabilization of humidity. So the more greenery the better!



6. So sweet...

In 2023, we sweeten life and interiors. Another Japanese trend, kawaii, will be in fashion after japandi. That's why put pink in the rooms again :) The powder shade and any other pastel shades, such as lilac, sky blue, mint green or lemon yellow, will work best. Note: you can mix them freely, but remember to focus on furniture and accessories in a minimalist form and focus on 2-3 colors at most. What else characterizes the kawaii style? Round shapes of objects and soft materials such as velor. Lighting is governed by similar laws - simple in form, fanciful in color. Effect? Modern, charming and slightly dreamlike interior.



7. Sublime eclecticism


Eclecticism returns in a new version. In the coming year, we combine elements of the decor so as to obtain an interior with a hint of sublime glamor. Experiment and create controlled chaos. In practice, combine industrial furniture with decorations in the style of the 70s and gold or brass accessories, e.g. pendant or table lamps, such as those from the Borra collection by UMMO or Cumulus by KASPA. Let your imagination run wild and create a coherent and unique whole from seemingly incompatible objects that will be tailored to you and your needs.




Trends 2023 inspire arrangement fun. Which one encourages you to try it the most?


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