O mnogości form, czyli jak ewoluuje styl marki UMMO

O mnogości form, czyli jak ewoluuje styl marki UMMO

The new UMMO lighting collections have already conquered the hearts and tastes of many architects and other design lovers. Now on our blog you can read more about the lamps that we presented during the Warsaw Home & Contract fair. You will also learn about cooperation with the Salak studio and the direction in which our brand is evolving. Come with us to the world of light!



How is the UMMO brand changing?


As the UMMO brand, we are constantly developing and looking for new inspirations and ideas that we can translate into the language of lighting. This time we decided to experiment with different variations around spherical forms. First of all, we stretch, narrow and fold the circles. We also decided to process the metal elements so as to obtain an openwork effect. Thanks to this treatment, the light diffuses beautifully on the wall.



We also play with light sources more and more. This does not mean that we gave up the hallmark of UMMO, i.e. milky white lampshades. Still many collections are based on spheres and not only glass ones. Some of the luminaires have been designed with the oblong S14D bulb in mind. In others, the light source has been cleverly hidden. The first UMMO lamps with a textile shade also appeared. We have remained faithful to white and black, which is why among the new proposals you will find lamps in two color variants. We did not give up brass, but this time we focused on this noble aging metal only in details. Also new are the best-selling UMMO wall lamps with IP44. Thanks to the increased tightness to moisture, they are ideal for the bathroom. 



Cooperation with Salak studio 


A complete novelty for us was the cooperation on the creation of lamps. We paved the way with the SALAK studio and we already have our first success! The Sallo collection was in the finals of the Good Design 2022 competition. In addition to it, two more series of luminaires were created: Suguri and Erter



Cooperation with the SALAK studio turned out to be something natural for us. Our visions of what the end result should look like turned out to be very similar. Together with the Salak team, we have created three completely different lines. SALLO luminaires are based on the form of a complex circle in which a large milky bulb has been embedded. Thus, they bring to mind an association with a shell in which a pearl shines or heads in a large hat. Also in the ERTER table lamp collection, we use a complex circle - this time it spreads over the bulb like a visor. The slender "legs" of the frame are mounted on a solid hemisphere that visually balances the structure. In turn, the SUGURI hanging lamps are based on balls - glass and wooden - balancing gracefully around a metal bar like fruit on a currant twig. The inspiration is indicated by the name itself (Suguri in Japanese means currant). 



Collection overview


In addition to 3 collections with the SALAK studio, we have designed 8 completely new lines of lamps, half of which are dedicated exclusively to wall lamps and we will stop at them first. The luminaires that particularly charmed the participants of the WH2022 fair were the ROKKE wall lamps. We combined the minimalist dial with a delicate brass accent, reminiscent of a sophisticated pendulum of a clock. An additional advantage of the lamp is the beautiful refraction of light on the wall. Speaking of beautiful light refraction, let's move on to openwork luminaires: PARUMASAUVA and OPMA. SAUVA is one of the luminaires for which the S14D bulb is intended. The elongated shape of the luminaire corresponds to the light bulb, which makes them seem to form an inseparable whole. Similarly, PARUMA, but in the case of this wall lamp, the base is in the shape of a thin and long leaf. In turn, in the OPMA wall lamp, the bulb has been covered with an openwork cover that diffuses the light. The shape of the casing is associated with the moon in the quarter, which in combination gives a cosmic effect :) 



Other collections, including lighting for various purposes, are:


KELLO, OIO, ISUULLA, SAKOSI. When designing KELLO, we combined a milky white glass lampshade with a metal semi-circular lampshade. But it is not everything! The overhangs are decorated with wooden balls that make the form evoke the harmony of the Far East. The OIO models also attract attention with a ball painted in the color of the frame. In addition, the lamp rods are separated by decorative metal discs. Such a combination presents itself as a very original whole. ISUULLA is another jewelery proposition. The lampshade hanging on a thin metal circle resembles elegant earrings. The original appearance of the lighting from this series will certainly add character to the interior. Finally, SAKOSI, our first collection with textile lampshades. They are made for us by a Polish company that has been specializing in providing lighting with lampshades to hotels for years. Thanks to this, we have a guarantee of high quality materials and workmanship. The simple form of the lampshade and the uniform fabric in the color of the frame ensures that the lamps look very modern and light, which is what we wanted. 



These are all the novelties of the UMMO brand for the current season. Which one do you like the most?


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