Marine style - on top not only in summer

Marine style - on top not only in summer

How is summer, is it at the seaside? If so, put on a life jacket and join us on a cruise in a style that is inherently associated with sun, sand and the sound of waves. It is, of course, a timeless marine style. Thanks to him, the holiday mood is at home all year round. From the text you will learn what the marine style is characterized by and which lighting will best fit in arrangements arranged in line with this trend. So to the shore...



What is the marine style?


The fashion for the nautical style in Europe began in the 20s of the last century. Longing for the atmosphere of a seaside resort, even then, the interior of houses was started to include elements associated with holidays in a beach house. Marine-style interiors are characterized by light colors, dominated by shades of blue, white and red or yellow. Indigo, turquoise, navy blue - the whole palette of blues is allowed. Instead of white, shades of beige and ecru work well. Red or yellow work best as contrasting details. In addition to colors, an important element of the decor are motifs associated with the sea and sailing, i.e. stripes, anchors, ropes, ships and nets.



How to arrange an interior in a maritime style?


Let's start with the walls. In a nautical style, choose paint or wallpaper in white or blue and white stripes. An interesting solution is also white paneling combined with blue or navy blue. A total marine look will be provided by a wall mural depicting a seaside landscape: a beach, waves or a ship. If you want to go towards the hampton style, light white furniture will work: tables, chairs, wardrobes. Louvre furniture fronts will add a resort style. For more severe sea inspirations, choose wood referring to the so-called sea ​​wood, that is, fished out of the sea. Sea wood is cracked, slightly bleached and has beautifully defined rings. Linen fabrics in various shades of blue or red will add coziness to the interior. Other accessories that will enhance the maritime character of the interior are decorations referring to life at sea: oars, lifebuoys, rudders, anchors, lighthouses, seashells and starfish. Such motifs can be introduced with, for example, pillows, graphics or figurines



What lighting will work in a maritime interior?


The highlight is lighting when arranging a maritime arrangement. Simple wooden lamps with a cord in hemp braid refer to the marine style. Such a cord can be tied decoratively like a ship's ropes. In a more loft version, we recommend oval "bulkhead" lamps with a metal grille. Such sconces resemble lanterns that used to illuminate ship decks. Currently, such fixtures are available in various shades (black, silver, gold), making them easy to match to the interior design. The atmosphere of the old ship will also be evoked by lighting covered with imitation of rust and industrial or retro-styled headlamps. If you are looking for more non-obvious references to the sea, choose minimalist and functional lantern lamps. You can put this setting on a dresser or hang it over the bed. In turn, closer to the New Hammpton style are simple lamps on a tripod with a bright shade or ceramic luminaries. Caring for every detail, remember about the appropriate lighting equipment, i.e. about sockets. Those made of ceramics look very stylish. And as for the little sea lover's room? A good solution for a children's room are spider lamps with braids in marine colors.



You don't have to rearrange the entire apartment to bring back the charm of a seaside holiday. Sometimes it only takes a few elements to turn your home into a haven.


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