Lighting in the colors of spring-summer 2023

Lighting in the colors of spring-summer 2023

Autumn is just beginning, and we already know what colors will reign in spring and summer 2023. During the New York Fashion Week, the Pantone Fashion Color Trend report was published with the palette of the most fashionable colors of next year. Among them, there are 15 shades, of which 5 are the so-called. "new classics". What colors will be hot? You will find out after reading the text, and by the way, you will get to know the lamps that will bring spring aura into the interior.



Spring in optimistic colors


Every season, the Pantone Color Institute publishes a report on color trends. This year, the most fashionable shades were selected on the basis of those most frequently used by designers. The selected colors are intended to reflect the entry into a new post-pandemic reality. Among the 15 shades, there are both vivid and saturated colors, as well as more subdued ones. The Institute encourages experimenting and combining contrasting colors inspired by nature. Optimistic colors in unusual combinations are to encourage you to regain freedom and joy in fashion.



The colors of the season 2023


Beetroot Purple, or Beetroot Purple, will be in the salad next spring. This color is entering the world of fashion and design with a bang. This stimulating shade looks great in a minimalist edition, as in the case of Zangra brand luminaires. Simple forms of wall lamps and ceiling lamps from this manufacturer resonate very well with expressive colors. The portfolio includes simple and modern lighting also in other trending colors. But more on that in a moment!



Fiery red is a red that energizes. It ignites the imagination and is ready to conquer the most shy interiors. This color is equally suitable for modern forms as those proposed by the Zangra brand or in the Loft line from Kolorowe Kable. For those who like a breath of retro-futurism, we recommend crazy Kafti lampshades. For a more conservative one, we recommend fiery red in the details, as in the Kaspa Longis lamp, where the entire attention is drawn to the contrasting braided wire.



The color of juicy mandarin will stay with us after the upcoming Christmas. The Tangelo shade fills you with courage and willingness to act. He is not afraid of pink or yellow, so it is worth experimenting with him. It goes well with luminaires with a simple design that will complement an arrangement in a vintage or eclectic style.



This is not the end of colors in fruity flavors. The warm shade of Peach Pink is more subdued and delicate than the ones previously discussed. The color is associated with a bellini drink and rose gold. Lighting with a peach note is available by Kaspa and Auhilon. The Botanica model is also a cover for the pot. Peach pink in combination with green will create a stimulating cocktail in the interior. On the other hand, the Alikante luminaire will neatly introduce Peach Pink to modern mid-century interiors. 



Imperial yellow, Empire yellow, is an injection of sun even on a cloudy day. The shade is associated with a walk in the field of blooming sunflowers. Happy and a bit aggressive - these are the arrangements in which empire yellow appears. This color also likes the company of simple forms, which is why it will successfully blend in with the frugal Scandinavian style or a bit crazy Memphis. But not only! The luminaires in Empire yellow are available on the market in various variants. Geometric Loft Bala lamp, table luminaire with Sawa lampshademetal Swing overhang - each of them adapted to different needs and tastes.




Crystal rose is a shade for lovers of cotton candy and pink brass. He is like a chameleon in the arrangements. It can be elegant, flirtatious, and even with a pinch of salt. In nature, it is close to slightly pink brass. And it is in this form that it most often occurs in lighting. It will take on a raw, industrial character in combination with concrete, e.g. in Loft You projects. In the solo edition, he intrigues in such diverse settings as ClavaMoon and Syntax.




When spring is… green! Classic green in the upcoming season, when it is fresh, grassy and soothing. He is not afraid of contrasts and otherness in interiors. However, as befits intense colors, it is best to focus on objects in a minimalist form. In the case of classic green, the leader is the Zangra brand, which changes the color in all cases :)



Tajemniczo brzmiące Love bird to druga z zieleni sezonu. Tym razem w wersji bardziej egzotycznej. Ma potencjał zarówno w boho dżungli, jak i we wnętrzach inspirowanych latami 80-tymi. W tej opcji kolorystycznej proponujemy lampy, takie jak Botanica i Swing.

The mysterious-sounding Love bird is the second green of the season. This time in a more exotic version. It has potential both in the boho jungle and in interiors inspired by the 80's. In this color option, we offer lamps such as Botanica and Swing.




Blue perennial is a blue like from a cornflower meadow. It soothes and calms down, so it will be perfect, for example, in a bedroom. It is worth testing it in bold combinations, e.g. with fiery red or peach pink. In this palette, MatubaBelcanto and Work lamps will do their best.




What's the color of the summer song Summer song? It is a soft blue of the summer sky. Clean, soothing like May mornings. It introduces balance and peace to the interior. When it comes to lighting, we focus on KonkoSwing and porcelain Zangra luminaries.



New classics for spring/summer 2023


The "new classic" includes pastel colors that complement each other perfectly. Light watery shade of Skylight, vanilla pink Vanilla Cream, muted lilac Gray Liliac, color of dried herbs Leek Green and aromatic coffee Macchiato.



The entire palette is very universal. The subdued nature of the colors makes them easy to adapt to arrangements in the boho or japandi style. In this range of colors we also have a few lighting aces - light blue Meridacoffee Flex wall lamp and Andy desk lamp, lilac PragaLora lamp with an olive color.





Which color of the spring/summer 2022 season do you like the most?


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