Lighting for plant lovers - an overview of the most interesting flowerbed lamps

Lighting for plant lovers - an overview of the most interesting flowerbed lamps

May in the garden smells of lilac and azaleas. Blooming vegetation and sunny weather make it difficult to stay at home. Unfortunately, we cannot always take advantage of the beauties of nature outside. Then, potted plants are an excellent substitute for lush greenery outside the window. Contemporary design meets the needs of lovers of beautiful flowers and stylish lighting. Flowerbed lamps are a real hit of recent seasons. In this text, we will look at the most interesting lighting proposals from this category. Let's start!



Hanging lamps with flowerbed


Is there anything more beautiful than green plant shoots hanging overhead? If you don't think so, hanging lamps with space for pots will be the best solution for you. In the Markslojd collections, we can find luminaires that will hold even a few pots, e.g. round Plate or rectangular Tray. If you want to accommodate more covers "in height", the larger luminaire from the Tray series will be better. In a minimalist apartment, it will look great in a white version. The black version, on the other hand, will work in loft arrangements. However, remember to choose lighter pots (plastic, not clay or ceramic) when placing more than 1-2 of them.




Another interesting option is the Kukkia collection by Thoro. In the case of the model with four reflectors, we can place small plants on each reflector. Climbing plants such as hedera, peperomia or dischidia are perfect for this type of lighting.



Wall lamps for flower pot


The greenery comes straight out of the walls along with wall lamps and flowerbeds. Wall lamps of this type have been developed by the aforementioned Markslojd brand. Our favorite option is the Pablo lighting in the shape of a frame that highlights the plant in two ways - with light and geometric shape. A single model is enough for one cover. Lamps from this collection are the most effective in the group. If your plants do not lack lushness, they will come out of the frame like the colors in Pablo Picasso's painting.




In the Botanica collection by Kaspa, created for admirers and admirers of home plants, there were also wall lamps. Simple and elegant luminaires with two opal shades will illuminate the room and a green friend for whom they keep quite a lot of space:) Two universal colors to choose from - black or white - make the lighting fit into various arrangements and spaces - also commercial, such as restaurants or hotels. 



Fans and fans of gold and glamor style should pay attention to the Multi shelf lamp from Markslojd. On the housing, we not only have space for small plants, but we can also connect the phone to charge, thanks to the USB socket. Real 2 or even 3in1 :)



Table and floor lamps for plants


Flower lamps can also take the form of table and floor lamps. Both types of lighting can be found in the Botanica collection, which we mentioned above. With the help of this series, you will create consistent lighting throughout the room. Desk lamps and floor lamps are identical in appearance, but in completely different sizes. The XL version will already fit a really large pot. Importantly, the light shining from the lampshade onto the plant will beautifully illuminate it and highlight it in the interior. Botanica table lamps sparkle in a variety of colors, almost like flowers in a meadow :) In addition to classic black and white, we can find models in such colors as yellow, red, green and gray. The floor variant is available in standard monochrome shades with a metal or glass shade.



Among the novelties of UMMO there is a new model from the Hanea collection, i.e. Hanea ST (black and white). The binding with a small metal shelf will work well as a stand for a small plant or a decorative vase. An elegant lampshade next to a decorative pot creates a double decorative effect.


Hanea ST


We hope that you have easily walked with us through the thicket of plant-friendly lighting and now you know which model will meet the needs of you and your interiors. So what, are we playing green?


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