Lighting for every budget

Lighting for every budget

Inflation spares no one, and arranging a flat can cost a fortune. If you don't want to give up good design and at the same time don't want to spend a fortune, you're in the right place! Are you planning to spend more than PLN 100-300 on a lamp? Be sure to check out our overview of wallet-friendly lighting.



Lighting up to PLN 100


A lamp for less than PLN 100? We assure you that it is possible! Among the low-budget lighting, you will find simple and elegant luminaires for the S14 bulb. For less than this amount, you can also buy original wall luminaires from the ESSE collection of the Italian brand Creative-Cables. They are available in various elegant variants, including a version imitating marble. More rectangular bulbs for an oblong bulb are offered by the Zangra brand. Each of them has a universal color scheme (black, white, gold, brass and silver), which makes it easy to fit into virtually any interior. At a price below PLN 100, you will fit in if you choose tube-type luminaires or flush-mounted spotlights. These discreet lamps perfectly illuminate the space, occupying a minimum of space. Among the lamps in this price category there are also geometric sconces of the Polish brand KASPA. Do you need an inexpensive ceiling? The Auhilon brand offers an ideal, minimalist proposal.




Lighting up to PLN 200


What will you get up to PLN 200? Still fashionable lamps in an industrial style with an exposed bulb. Discover our budget Loft Metal LineLoft Eco Line and Loft Ceramic collections. In the first of them, the bulb holder is made of metal, in the second of wood, and in the last of ceramics. For just over PLN 100 Nordlux brand offers modern wall lamps, such as Huseby or Eik. The Markslöjd brand in this price range also offers wall lamps on a long arm, perfect for spot lighting of even the most demanding places. For those inspired by modernism, lamps with a round glass shade, such as Lilly and Zenit, are a great idea. Or maybe a lampshade? The Young Deco and Kafti brands have great textile lampshades for the children's room at an affordable price. Meanwhile, for a similar amount, but for the terrace and the garden, Creative-Cables Swing metal lampshades are recommended. With a budget of up to PLN 200, you can easily afford surface-mounted Shilo luminaires or designer KASPA and Auhilon spotlights. Looking for something spectacular? Bet on the chrome Alikante II hanging lamp.




Lighting up to PLN 300


In the amount of up to PLN 300, the choice of lighting is really wide. For just over PLN 200, you can choose between hanging lamps with decorative metal shades, both in scandi and factory style. Do you prefer glass? See such luminaires as Disa or Sober. This budget will allow you to hang single dangles with decorative wooden beads from the Loft BalaLoft Sfarer and Loft Rullo collections. Wood lovers will also like lamps such as Loft Barilla. Staying in the loft theme, the Loftlight brand charms customers with industrial lighting in the deluxe version - the Matuba series. Meanwhile, fans of ceramics will like the offer of the Zangra brand in this category. For less than PLN 300 you will get luminaries from this manufacturer with brass details. They look luxurious and cost a bargain. Ellen or Milford desk lamps have a similarly expensive look for an attractive price. Lovers of Scandinavian design will steal the hearts of lampshades by UMAGE, the prices of which start from PLN 285. In such a fork you will also find lighting with more than one light source, e.g. Sky, Aslak, Expand Spot, Ciro, Decker. What else? Dress up your bedside table with the elegant Angela table lamp, and your desk with a luminaire with a flexible Flex arm.





This is only part of the lamps in the budget up to PLN 300. Have we convinced you that good design doesn't have to cost a fortune? You will see and buy more in the store :)


NOTE: The article lists the prices of luminaires, without taking into account the cost of the light source/sources.



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