Jak wybrać oświetlenie do pokoju dziennego?

Jak wybrać oświetlenie do pokoju dziennego?

The living room is the most representative space in our homes and often the place where we spend the most of our free time. No wonder that we want everyone to feel good in this area from the very beginning. But how to do it?  Focus on well-chosen luminaires to create a homely atmosphere. Here are a few tips that will make arranging lighting in the living room a piece of cake.



What you should consider when choosing lighting for the living room?


Certainly, this is one of the first questions that you have in your mind when you start tej renovation or move to a new flat. Of course, it is important that the luminaires impress with their appearance, but it’s definitely not all. Focus on the functionality of the lamps and the size of the room in which they will be located.




What determines the number of light sources in the living room?


Do you know many light sources you need to properly illuminate the entire room? The optimal number and distribution of light sources depends on the size of the room. In a small living room, one luminaire with several overhangs (usually 3-4) or a single hanging lamp in the company of sconces and table lamps in main points will certainly be enough. Spots are a solution that will save you a lot of space. In the case of a larger room, spider lamps are great solutions. 10 light sources? Here you are. Other options are multiple individual overhangs in a cascade, or lighting with 2-3 ceiling lamps and additional light sources. In the living room with a dining room or a kitchenette, make sure that the lamp is centrally above the table or countertop/kitchen island.




The power and color of light - what will work in the living room?


Properly selected light is comfortable for your eyes. It means your eyes don’t be tired so quickly. Usually in living rooms we use 8-10W light bulbs. This power is also suitable for the living room. A great solution are dimmable LED bulbs that allow you to adjust the light output to current needs. In the relaxation area, warm lights, i.e. those with a color of about 3000 K, work best. If the living room is also your workplace, you can consider the cooler light - with a color above 3500 K. In such a lit room it will be easier to focus.  If you care about high flexibility, buy LED bulbs with adjustable light color.




Where to mount the lighting in the living room?


Before installing lighting, think about which furniture and areas you want to highlight. Most often, we hang the luminaires in the central point of the room.  Some choose to place the lamp above the coffee table or near the sofa. An important element, which we’ve already mentioned a bit, is complementary lighting, i.e. wall, table and floor lamps. Sconces and standing lamps effectively illuminate the places intended for reading or working - but choose the latter when you have more space. Take care of the choice of table lamps. They are functional and very decorative. Thanks to these lamps, you will enhance the look of a chest of drawers, cabinet or table. Remember to mount the light sources not directed towards the TV screen.




How to choose lighting that match the style of the arrangement?


Last, but not least, the design of the luminaires, which - let's be honest - is as important as functionality. Not everything fits everyone. The same is true about design. Some beautiful lamps may simply not match to the style of the living room. Keep focus on the maintaining consistency in the arrangement.  How? Geometric luminaires, both in a monochrome version and in pastel colors, will perfectly fit into your minimalist interiors. Flats decorated in a modern or scandi style are born for lamps with a braided cable and an exposed light bulb. On the other hand, in a boho or nature-inspired decor, luminaires and accessories made of natural materials, such as wood, glass or ceramics, will work. In more classic living rooms, a hanging lamp with a lampshade or decorative chandeliers will be a good solution.



With this knowledge, choosing lighting for the living room will certainly seem easier to you. We hope your next shopping be a much faster :)


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