Creative-Cables lighting systems that will delight you - Flex and Magnetico

Creative-Cables lighting systems that will delight you - Flex and Magnetico

Non-standard lighting solutions are the specialty of the Italian brand Creative-Cables. This time we present to you two proprietary Flex and Magnetico systems. Thanks to them, arranging home lighting is quick, easy and pleasant. What distinguishes both series? Why should fans of functional and effective design pay attention to them? Be sure to read!



Flex lighting system


As the name of Flex suggests, the lighting in this collection is extremely flexible. It adapts to our needs because it is based on solutions that allow us to freely modulate the arm of the luminaire. Thanks to the flexible braided cable, we can create the desired configuration of the pipes. In this way, we will direct the light source to the place that we want to illuminate. Such a structure also allows us to let our imagination run wild and create the most ingenious weaves of flexible arms :)



As part of the Flex system, the Italian manufacturer has created wall and ceiling lamps. Single arm, triple or quadruple luminaires are available. Thanks to this, you can arrange lighting throughout the room with the help of the Flex collection, which will be consistent and at the same time far from boredom. Lamps are available in three different length variants - 30 cm, 60 cm or 90 cm. The versions with shorter arms will work well as wall lamps, while the model with the longest is dedicated to ceiling lamps. Brushed gold and bronze or black and white frames complete the arms in the same colors. On special order in the store, we will create a color composition with a different color of the braided wire. The whole is complemented by a decorative light bulb with a light power and style to match. Such a large possibility of personalizing the lamps makes them universally fit into various types of interiors - both in terms of size and the nature of the decor. A simple structure with an exposed bulb feels best in modern apartments, but not only in lofts. All you need to do is choose a top-coated bulb for the luminaire to gain style and elegance. As you can see, the Flex system gives us a lot of room for freedom and allows us to be creative without losing the practical aspect. The producer himself writes about the collection: "They lived long and flexible".



Magnetico® lighting system


The Magnetico® system is another proposal designed for people who value flexibility. Luminaires in this series can move around the house, depending on where we need the light. How it's working? The heart of the system is the Magnetico®-Plug. Magnetico®-Plug is a magnetic E27 bulb holder that adheres to any flat metal surface. Thanks to this, we can install it almost freely and change it from a table lamp into a wall lamp in a few seconds. The holders are available in elegant metallic colors and with a matching braided cable, therefore, despite their simple form, they will also fit into more classic spaces. A convenient two-pole switch guarantees convenient operation. The system is complemented by Magnetico®-Base, a thin metal base that we can use to anchor the luminaire. The plate is secured with a protective primer so as not to scratch the furniture. In addition, the curved corner of the plate allows you to direct the light in the right direction, improving visual comfort. The slim design in fashionable shades looks very decorative, and thanks to the fact that it is light, we can easily change its place. Often, in strategic spaces there are no free metal elements to seat the frame, then Magnetico®-Base is a godsend. By the way, it will successfully become a functional decoration of a desk, bedside table or coffee table.




Endless possibilities with the Creative-Cables brand


The Flex and Magnetico® systems are not all that the Creative-Cables brand offers. The rich portfolio of the manufacturer includes the Filè system, thanks to which we can create a unique decoration on the wall or ceiling with a flattened cable in a decorative braid. In turn, the Syntax® collection based on tubular bulbs is a proprietary solution of point lighting. You can read more about indoor lighting systems here. Among the products of the Italian brand, we can also find innovative, waterproof components or ready-made external lamps, ie the EIVA system, about which you will learn more in another text on our blog [click]. Among the proposals for the brand's garden, there is also the Lumet light chain system based on flat cables, similar to the Filè collection.



Creative-Cables lighting systems, although they have very different applications, all share high flexibility and plenty of possibilities for creative arrangement.


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