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The store offer is complemented by accessories and parts for loft lamps and other products from our range. You can find various types of lamp holders, which are an essential element of any loft-style lamp. You can choose: metal lamp holder lacquered in gloss or structure (ATTENTION we have dozens of colors!) and also plastic, ceramic, wooden or concrete lamp holders.

We also offer single and multi-hole ceiling cups made of wood or metal. Seemingly it is only a small element, but necessary to attach the hanging lamp to the ceiling. Choosing the right ceiling cup, you will take care of lighting to the last detail. Classics enthusiasts should be interested in ceramic lighting fixture retro, which are a perfect complement to the interior in vintage or rustic style. Among the ceramic components you will find all the necessary elements to create a coherent lighting fixture, i.e. lamp holders, ceiling cups, sockets, switches, junction boxes or cable holders.

Colorful cable holders will be useful for mounting spider lamps, as well as when you want to adjust the height of the overhang. Thanks to the fabric cables and cable holders, we can create an interesting ceiling or wall decoration. Equally original effect will be obtained by using loft lamps rails. It's a great solution that can be used, for example, over the kitchen counter or bar.

Among the accessories we also have a wide selection of lampshades that will stylishly shield the light bulb and diffuse the light throughout the room. For a lampshade, you also need a base or suspension for the lamp, thanks to which depending on your needs you can hang or put your new lamp somewhere or breathe new life into the old one.

Switches, plugs and dimmers that will crown the "lamp design" are the real dot the i :)

The offer also includes all necessary components for assembling a festoon lighting chain.

We encourage you to read the detailed information on all products from our offer. If you dream of an original and stylish lighting arrangement in your interior, with us you will find inspiration and ready ideas. We invite you to shop online, and if you have additional questions or custom orders, please contact us.