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In the US in the 1950s, industrial style was born. It was created during the adaptation of abandoned factories to living. Originally, it was associated with the style of impoverished artistic bohemia, who created post-industrial studios and first lofts in post-industrial interiors. Today it is synonymous with modernity and good taste. Contrary to appearances, materials characteristic for this aesthetics, such as metal, glass or concrete, do not have to capture the cosiness of the apartment. Lighting is an important element of industrial design. It can be a dot above and in a sophisticated loft or a strong and original detail in virtually any arrangement.

In the ColorfulKable.pl store offer we have a large selection of factory lamps, both hanging lamps and wall lamps, which will give the interior an industrial character. You will find here fixtures of the Polish lamp Lampa, referring to the classics of post-industrial design. Rich colors - from black through green to pink - and a multitude of forms of metal shades will allow you to choose lighting that matches your living room or dining room. Metal ceiling lights are also great at a stylish restaurant or bar. We also offer industrial style lighting by the Polish manufacturer Argon, incl. hanging lamps and wall lamps in the shape of spotlights - in the raw version with a metal chain and a grille, as well as a maximally simplified form and subdued colors or luminaires softened with powder shades that will be suitable even for a children's room. An interesting solution will also be slightly more elegant factory lamps in shades of gold or with a wooden frame. If you are looking for original factory lamps that beautifully illuminate and decorate the interior, get to know our offer.