Chors is a Wroclaw brand specializing in high-quality and energy-saving lighting. The polish manufacturer delivers technical and decorative interior lighting. The design goes hand in hand with the latest technology. Modern lamps use LED technology friendly to our planet. Luminaires are created in Poland, but components come from leading European manufacturers. Minimalist lighting based on geometric shapes delights with careful workmanship and interesting design. Many models of them have the ability to adjust the angle of incidence of light. The brand offers a wide range of luminaires in universal, monochrome colors. You find various variants of hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, spotlights, surface-mounted luminaires and sconces. Lamps from the Lower Silesian brand perfectly match modern residential and office interiors. Chors brand becomes more popular and wins the group of loyal customers. See the Chors catalog ore use 3D models in your project. If you are interested, write us! We create the best offer for you!

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