Nordic Tales

Nordic Tales is a Danish brand originating from Aarhus - Denmark's second largest city. Its history began in 2012 at the Institute X, which was the place where the first projects were created. The debut of Nordic Tales, which was included in the sale in 2012, was the Bright Sprout lamp - made of oak. All brand designs are characterized by the simplicity of form, the nobility of the materials used, the Scandinavian soul. Nordic Tales lamps are beautifully presented, among others, at the Aarhus native airport.

The Scandinavian winter is a long and dark period where most time is spend indoor. This creates a demand for good lighting, and ever since the invention of the light bulb, we have been refining the modern lamp in order to achieve the most suitable light conditions in our homes.


Lighting is one of the most fast moving and innovating areas of our field. During the last ten years the world has shifted from traditional incandescent bulbs, that were mostly spherical, to LEDs that comes in all colours, shapes and with various AI build into them. This new technology creates room for new archetypes and we seek to find them in our Nordic design lamps.


Lamps today are more than illuminators, and the traditional lighting concepts for good illumination is up for debate.

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