Fabric cables 

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The main point of our assortment are cables in braids, which make interiors more interesting and create an unusual, highly personalized mood. We make our products from various materials and they are available in a number of colors. We offer two- and three-core cables - cotton and polyester cables, linen and jute cables. They are not only a great decoration, but also a creative use of an everyday item in an exceptionally unusual way. Cables can be used in simple, minimalist interiors, as well as in those more homely ones.

Colorful cables can be easily combined with loft lamps, which are typically used in such objects as cafes, clubs, and shops, but also – in modern houses.

Unusually colored cables, while combined with decorative bulbs, are a great way of illuminating a given space and therefore – they are frequently taken advantage of by interior designers. Our offer additionally incorporates numerous original and inspiring ideas of utilizing cables and bulbs while decorating certain spaces. Feel free to familiarize yourself with our assortment and if something is unclear, do not hesitate to contact us.